Getting your Home Ready for the Winter

As we head into the winter months it is an ideal time to make our homes comfortable and cosy for these dark and cold days. As well as making sure that we have a comfortable place to snuggle into at the end of a long day, it is also good to remember the good times that we have in the winter and get our homes ready for Christmas and the upcoming family celebrations that we will be holding in our homes.

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A good place to start is decluttering. Especially if you have children who are probably hoping for new toys from Father Christmas, it is a good idea to go through all the things that you no longer need – old books or toys that they have grown out of and donate them to charity.

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Get your place ready for the winter celebrations and festive parties – sort out the dining room, re-decorate and give it a makeover for the festive season. New dining furniture like these Connubia Calligaris tables is something to consider if yours is a bit past its best so that you can happily have the family sit down to a festive feast!

Comfort is something else that we all crave in the winter – think about ways that you can make the home feel warmer and more cosy – scented candles in wintery flavours such as spices and cinnamon and gingerbread, as well as cosy bedding and cushions to keep you warm at night.

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