Five advantages of flexible business van hire

Many businesses across multiple sectors, including the retail and e-commerce sectors, fresh food and produce, and the courier industry, rely on commercial vehicles. While owning commercial vehicles can help with things like branding and autonomy, there are disadvantages to owning them too, including cost, depreciation and inflexibility. Here are a few advantages to van hire in Bristol.

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Hiring means that you can expand or decrease your fleet according to business needs. If it is an off season, decreased demand or there is a pause in a project, you can reduce your fleet accordingly, an option that is much better than having a van sit on a forecourt depreciating.

Reduction in liabilities

You don’t have to add lease contracts of 12 months or less to your balance sheet, meaning you can account accordingly, freeing up capital for other things.

Reliable and transparent costs

Reputable van hire specialists like who provide van hire Bristol will have upfront pricing and make any additional costs fully known to you. This includes optional add-ons that you may need to pay extra for, including insurance and added safety features, although many firms now have such provisions as part and parcel of their service.

Smaller upfront costs

Smaller upfront costs mean that you are less likely to need to seek capital from a lender or save to purchase a vehicle. As a result, you can get your commercial vehicles out on the road faster and make your business grow.

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The ideal vehicle and flexibility to upgrade

The vans from van leasing companies often have the latest mod-cons and safety features. If your current vehicle no longer meets your needs, van hire in Bristol allows you to upgrade your present van with much more ease.

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