A guide to choosing the right lawnmower

When it comes to keeping your lawn looking neat and tidy, it’s all about choosing the best lawnmower for your needs. Here are some tips for getting the right mower for your garden:

Small gardens

For a smaller grassed area, you don’t need to have an electric mower but can instead rely on a rotary or manual push mower. The pushing action turns the blades that are placed in a cylinder. They are quite compact making them easy to move around and create a good, neat cut.

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Medium gardens

For a larger garden, you’ll be better off with an electric mower. Most of these models are simple to manoeuvre around garden objects and normally come with a container that collects the cut grass for emptying when full. If you have a sizeable budget available, electric mowers are now available in a cordless or robotic variety.

Large lawn

One of the best options for a garden that covers a large expanse is a petrol mower. This is because you don’t need to worry about being near a socket. These machines are quite weighty and do give off more emissions but for a very large area of grass, a ride-on petrol mower is a must. For more information on Briggs And Stratton Parts, visit a site like DIY Engine Parts

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Did you know that mowers come in a range of mowing widths? Generally, the wider it is, the quicker it will be to cut the grass. Mowers also come in a variety of heights, many of which are adjustable. This involves changing the distance between the grass and the blades so you can choose the ideal length that you want your grass to be.

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