7 Clever Ways To Incorporate ‘Green Living’ In Your Space

Using plants to accentuate your space, be it an office cabin or a living room, is becoming a hot trend. No wonder you want to do it too!

If it’s the inspiration you are looking for on how to use high-light and low-light plants to the best advantage of your space, you have come to the right place.

Here are 10 ways that you can decorate with plants:

Rock Those Indoor Palm Trees

Indoor Palm trees are ideal for large, monochromatic spaces. In short, minimalistic rooms are the perfect spot for these sun-loving plants.

If you have a sunny room or a spot near the window, put up a couple of Kentia Palms or Areca Palms. Preferably in white or cream planters.

The ideal scenario would be two palm trees flanking a couch or a mantle. Sun-dappled and swaying in the breeze. One of the best focal point landscaping with plant decoration ideas.

Initially, daily watering is required for new palms. Water your plants 2 to 3 times a week, once they are settled.

How About Living Walls?

Living walls are becoming quite a popular design trend. Especially because they are not as hard to maintain as some might think.

You can get ladders or metal frames to act as your base. Or boxed living walls can look magnificent in any setting. Imagine a lush green picture postcard that came to life.

Or try your hands at creating your own.

Use a plastic-lined shoe hanger. Fasten it well to the wall and fill it with plants of your choice. Your DIY living wall is ready.

The best plants for living walls are those that can retain moisture for a long time. And thus live longer without frequent watering.

You’d want to avoid frequent waterings if wall health is a concern. And if you see signs of seepage.

Revamp Your Corners

Do those bare corners sometimes annoy you? Because nothing seems to quite ‘fit’ there.

Well. plants might be your answer. It doesn’t matter if that corner does not get a lot of sunlight. There are plenty of low-light plants that you can choose from.

These indoor plants grow well without needing a lot of light. Best part of this plant decor idea? They can brighten up any gloomy corner with their gently waving fronds.

Pick some clay pots with interesting designs for your corners. Choose from plants such as Snake Plant, Bromeliad Guzmania, Ponytail Palm, Parlor Palm and Mass Cane.

These plants have great foliage that can cover up the bald spots in any decor.

Faux Plants Are Your Best Friends

If tending to live plants is not your piece of cake, fret not. There are several other options that you can choose from.

Go for artificial plants that will look the same for years to come. No watering, no pruning, no fertilizing!

These are the answers to your prayers if you do not want to deal with all the mess and expenses that come with live plants.

Or you can opt for dried-up bunches of flower arrangements or preserved boxwood options to give your space a natural look. Get large vases, preferably in terracotta, ceramic, or clay, for your dried flower arrangements.

Easy To Maintain Terrariums

Terrariums are perfect for any space, really! You can choose from a plethora of options, keeping in mind the overall theme of your space.

There are glass-sealed terrariums as well as open terrariums. You can get a desert terrarium, a rainforest terrarium, or even a tropical one. There are endless choices and very few rules.

Even dwarf palms and pines can grow well in terrariums. Your own personal piece of nature!

Just remember to bunch only those plants together that have the same watering requirements and soil preferences. This will help your terrarium thrive.

Secret Tip: Succulents are your best bet for the perfect terrarium that will seemingly grow and thrive all on its own. Just make sure your soil is well drained.

Put Up Some Hanging Greenery

If pots and planters on the ground don’t strike your fancy, try some hanging planters instead. It is ideal if you do not have a lot of floor space.

Plants such as English Ivy, Chinese Wisteria, Butterfly Pea, Pothos, and Boston Ivy can all grow in low-light conditions. These are perfect for hanging planters.

The trailing vines are sure to add a sense of softness to any decor theme. Putting them near the window will get them sunlight and some breeze.

In fact, even for a bare wall that you are looking to accentuate, you can add a few hanging planters. Use materials such as cord, macrame or jute ropes for hanging the pots. Keep in mind your present decor.

You can take them down to water them. And lightly spritz them every second day with a mister to keep them fresh.

Get Texture Through Large And Small Plants

If you are looking to add depth and texture to your decor, without the addition of too many furnishing knick-knacks, plants are your answer.

The key to finding the right balance of texture is the combination of different plants. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your combination of plants:

– Leaf texture plays a big role in your theme. Mix up delicate, coarse, bold, and subdued-looking leaves

– Ornamental plants are best for creating textures, but hardy plants like bamboo and palms can also do the trick

– For adding fine texture and balancing the foliage, grasses are perfect.

– Group plants with the same sunlight requirements together. Low-light plants with medium and low-light plants. High-light plants, preferably outdoors, and grouped with high-light plants.

Imagine painting a picture with plants. Remember that plants with small leaves create small patches of light and shadow. Larger plants will create larger patches. Use that to your advantage.

It might seem like a daunting task to add greenery to an existing decor. Armed with the above ideas and concepts in mind, maybe you will be able to better decorate with plants.







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