6 Stylish Condo Balcony Décor Ideas

Living in the city or nearby urban areas keeps you close to the action. While it can be more expensive, some people enjoy having quick access to all their city offers. You are more likely to live in a condo as well. This means making the most of a smaller space.

While you may not have a lot of square footage in your condo, you can take advantage of your balcony. Having a private outdoor space is amazing, even though most people don’t utilize it to its full potential. Why not incorporate your balcony into your home design and use it every day?

Your balcony doesn’t have to be a wasteland of old junk and forgotten furniture. Turn it into your extra room with beautiful decor and a touch of flair. Who says you need a house to enjoy the great outdoors. Your balcony can become the focal point of your condo, and it will draw you out to the fresh air and amazing views that your community has to offer.


Here are some excellent decorating ideas you can implement in your condo balcony:

Put in Bench Seating and a Coffee Table

To enjoy your outdoor environment, you need a place to sit. Adding a corner bench is the answer. This is a heavy-duty bench seating that won’t blow away in the wind. It also gives you an area where multiple people can cozy up and visit.

You can have storage in the bench for pillows and a blanket or two or put in some board games and candles for nighttime fun. This creates an inviting nook that encourages you to come and enjoy your balcony and is an extension of your whole living space. This can also be a reading nook for smaller balconies.

Use the Wall for Storage and Greenery

Your balcony may not be that large so take advantage of the vertical space that a wall provides. You can set up a shelving unit or install floating shelves to house plants and herbs. You can even have a mini garden. Add nice personal decor touches and pops of colour to create an oasis you can’t wait to enjoy.

This can also serve as storage with some baskets or boxes. Keep a few books on the shelves for quiet reading and string a row of lights for intimate evenings. Having more places to put stuff makes sense, so transform those bare walls into something fabulous.

Install Trendy Balcony Flooring

 Who wants a boring balcony floor that is just concrete or laminate? Why not take your design up to the next level with beautiful balcony flooring? There are many great flooring options, including wood and recycled plastic, all of which give a nice modern look.

Balcony flooring is easy to install and are very durable. You can even get synthetic grass, allowing you to go barefoot. This instantly makes a significant impact on your balcony and transforms it into an oasis.

Create Privacy

When you go out onto your balcony, you don’t want to be on display. Having a private outdoor space is essential because you won’t go out there if you don’t feel comfortable. You can use screens made of bamboo or artificial plant material, and they give excellent privacy.

For a more earthy look, you could have hedged trees or bamboo pots. Awnings are also a smart way to get privacy and shade on your balcony. Make sure your condo rules allow you to put up what you want up, so you don’t get into any trouble.

Set Up a Cozy Dining Area

Most balconies have a BBQ on one end, but you can do much better. If you like to cook outdoors, set up a small grill that doesn’t take over the space and add a few chairs and a table for eating on the balcony.

It’s so lovely to enjoy a meal with friends and loved ones in the fading sun and then keep the party going with cocktails. Set up some lights so you can create a unique ambiance for you and your guests. Having a second space for dining in your condo gives you the variety you want.

Make a Theme

Why not make your balcony look amazing with a trendy theme? You can create anything you desire without it clashing with the indoor space, so decide what you want to design and go for it. It could be a beach cabana with wicker chairs and striking colours or make it modern and sleek with steel and glass furniture. It’s all up to you, and there are no bad ideas.

Have some fun with it, and then get ready to show it off to friends and family. This inspiration may even spill over into your main living area, and before you know it, your whole condo will match.

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