Why you should think about boiler cover?

Think about what would happen if your boiler went out of commission during winter. Is it possible to repair your boiler quickly? Or would you have to wait for hot water and heating to be restored? This is the difference between having or not having boiler coverage.

It’s easy to get peace of mind, so you won’t have to worry about the cold.

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What is Boiler Cover?

Boiler coverage gives you access to a registered engineer in the event that your boiler fails. This type of coverage usually covers an annual service to maintain your boiler’s efficiency and costs a small amount per month. You can consult with your chosen Cheltenham Boilers company such as Combi Man to find out what finance options they have available on boiler installation.

Your boiler’s make, age, and model will determine the level of coverage. Additional protection can be added by purchasing coverage for other household appliances and your entire central heating system.

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Your boiler may be six years old or older and is making strange sounds or glowing orange. Although boiler insurance can be a great backup plan, it is best to have your boiler checked by a professional.

It’s best to have a professional install your boiler and make sure it is fully covered. Your landlord will be responsible for any boiler repairs if you rent your property.

A basic maintenance contract with an annual service is sufficient for most new boilers. You may need additional coverage if your boiler has had a history of breaking down. You should be aware of hidden extras, and make sure you check your household insurance to ensure you only purchase the coverage you need.

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