Types of Flat Roofs for Commercial Roofing

Commercial buildings today tend to go with flat roofs because they look more modern. These structures offer some benefits, but they are notorious for getting pooled water, leaks, and frequent repairs. Fortunately, some material options are available to give you more reliable roofing, and they are usually beyond the usual built-up and hot-mopped materials that some are familiar with.

Some common categories of flat roof materials used in some buildings and homes are BUR, modified bitumen, and single-layer membranes. They can be installed with the help of roofing contractors in Middlefield Ohio, and the experts can give you an idea of whether these are the best for your property. Other information you should know about them are the following:

Single-Layer Membrane Roofing

One of the latest materials that technology offers today is the membrane roof. This is known as the best choice when constructing a commercial building. They are technically known as elastomeric membranes, which depend on their materials, or they can also be elastomeric. The single-ply ones come in many varieties, such as:

  • PVC or polyvinyl chloride
  • Neoprene or polychloroprene
  • Polymer-modified bitumen
  • Chlorinated polyethylene sheets
  • Chlorosulfonated polyethylene
  • EPDM or ethylene propylene diene monomer

EPDM or synthetic rubber is often the go-to of many building owners for commercial usage. You can ask your contractor about this and whether rubber roofing is the best value for you.

Thin sheets of materials are used to install rubber, and they only consist of a single layer, thus their name. Being a polymer or a synthetic rubber, they are elastic and flexible, and they can handle various temperature changes.

Contractors may attach the membrane materials using various ways. But first, the structure should be sturdy enough to support the entire weight of the PVC or EPDM. They can be held down using river rock ballast, or they may be partially loose-laid. As long as they are fully adhering to the decks, then everything should be fine. The seams of neoprene and EPDM are welded with solvents or fastened with the use of adhesives.

Modified Bitumen

The cap sheets for modified bitumen roofing were created in the 1960s. This is as a replacement technology to built-up roofing or BUR. The technology of BUR is proven to be effective and adding polymer as a layer reinforces the cap sheets and wear layers.

The roofing can be installed with the help of various techniques. It depends on the property owners on the type of projects they require and the materials that they want to use. Some of the installation methods involved in modified bitumen are torch-applied, hot-applied, cold-applied, and self-adhered.

Cap sheet polymers provide flexibility and elasticity features at a lower temperature. Other commonly used polymers are styrene butadiene styrene or SBS and atactic polypropylene or APP. The SBS can impart a rubber-like structure and characteristic to the modified bitumen.

The cap sheets of the SBS are installed with the help of hot asphalt tar or cold adhesives. On the other hand, there are thermoplastic APP sheets that are ideal for torch-applied techniques. You can learn more about the modified bitumen at this link here.


This is very common about a century ago where you may find this in your grandparent’s house. Built-up roofing can do something about the low-pitch issues that have been a problem to many for ages, but this is still something that asphalt shingles find challenging.

The BUR has an asphalt layer on it, and it contains specific types of roofing felt. The layers are embedded with bitumen, and they are applied with the help of hot mops.

Coal tar pitch and hot-applied asphalt blend together with the bitumen-soaked roof felt. This creates a monolithic membrane. The asphalt tar layer and the felt can repeatedly overlap until the entire assembly has a four-ply thickness.

Finely crushed stone granules and wear surfaces are generally applied to the hot tar’s top layer to protect the assembly from the weather elements and ultraviolet light. If you want to install this kind of flat, there are experts in Middlefield, OH, that can help you get high-quality work and premium materials.

Spray Polyurethane Foam or SPF

SPF is an eco-friendlier option for industrial and commercial facilities. This material is sprayed through a tool, and the resulting liquid expands into foam. This is creating a solid layer of an existing roof, and this technology has been around since the 1960s. They can be used in any type of climate and can last for more than five decades as long as correct installation and maintenance are followed.

These are seamless, waterproof, durable, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. The continuous liquid feature can penetrate everywhere. When the SPF solidifies, it doesn’t require any joining in the seams or joints. They will be able to remove the most vulnerable areas and prevent leaks.

Choosing for the Best Company

Look for various companies in Middlefield that offer installation, repairs, and maintenance for BUR, single-layer membrane roofing, or modified bitumen. These professionals can usually work on any type of material, and they are familiar with commercial roofing construction.

You’ll get excellent results regardless if you choose wood shakes, asphalt shingles, or slate as a material since the team is always available to walk you through the process and help you with insurance claims if that is possible. If the BUR is damaged because of a fallen tree or a severe storm, you may be able to qualify and get covered for the loss.

Some of the properties don’t necessarily need installation, but they just want to know more about specific materials. Fortunately, some companies will give you professional support and show you their expertise in choosing particular products. If you’re going to save more during an installation process, you can check their financing options and labor warranty whenever available.

Request free estimates by going into their websites, filling up an online form, calling them, or talking to their representatives. Connect with the live chat support and see what your options are for roofing installations.

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