The Home Interior Trends for the New Decade

The new decade has definitely got off to an unusual start, but one thing that has happened is because of the fact that we are all staying at home a lot more, there has been a huge home improvement boom!

Having more time at home as well as having money to spend that would have been spent on holidays and eating out has meant that many people have taken the opportunity to make the most of their homes.

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So, whether you are thinking of getting a professional like these painters Cheltenham in to do the job or if you are going to be doing it yourself, what are the home trends going to be for the new roaring 20s?

The main thing that we will see a departure from is the stark white minimalism that was so popular throughout the last decade. People are now turning to adding more striking splashes of deep colour to their home and we are starting to less and less people wanting that bright white look in their homes – which is good news if you have pets and young children as it is much harder to keep clean!

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Grey had a bit of a moment over the last few years, but trends are now going towards warmer neutrals – natural colours are replacing the harder greys, so if it is neutrals you are after, take your inspiration from warm naturals for a more on trend look.

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