Six Reasons why Homeowners in Canberra Need Timber Flooring

Have you always dreamed of living in a house with timber floors? Well, it’s high time to replace your current flooring with hardwood floorboards in order to fulfill your dream. Timber is considered a miraculous flooring solution due to its durability, low maintenance, classy look, warm feeling, and a huge assortment of tones and finishes.

Occasional refinishing is enough to maintain its shine and use it in the long-term. The natural look of wood allows homeowners to install timber floors in every room of the house without worrying about the outcome.

Have a look at the six main reasons why Canberra residents are advised to install hardwood flooring.

It’s durable

Timber is an excellent solution for homeowners in Canberra looking for long-lasting floors, capable of withstanding the test of time. Wood flooring is powerful enough to resist everyday wear and tear without getting scratched or damaged in any way. Once the floorboards show the first signs of aging, homeowners can easily refinish the surface and restore their original look.

Even though the majority of wood species are highly durable, homeowners are still advised to check their durability by consulting the Janka hardness chart. This chart is based on the results gotten from the Janka hardness test, designed to assess the resistance of timber to wear and tear. Each species is assigned a particular rating based on the test results, indicating the density of the wood.

For instance, timber species of medium density are rated between four and eight points, whereas high-density wood is supposed to have a rating of at least eight points. High ratings stand for remarkable timber hardness. Read here about the role of the Janka hardness test and the typical hardness values.

It’s easy to clean

Another reason why homeowners in Canberra are advised to install timber flooring is the low maintenance nature of the material. The greatest thing about hardwood floors is their resistance to dust, odours, and stains. Household residents won’t have to worry about spills since timber is incredibly easy to clean.

In terms of everyday maintenance, hardwood floors require regular vacuuming and mopping, which is much faster when compared to carpet vacuuming. Timber flooring is the best alternative for families with kids and pets, dragging mud and dirt into the house.

As far as long-term maintenance is concerned, wooden floors require occasional refinishing in order to look as good as new. The refinishing process includes sanding the surface, removing the dust, applying a wood stain, and the finish.

A variety of timber types and colours

Wood flooring provides homeowners with an extensive range of types, colours, and finishes. Timber flooring companies in Canberra, such as, offer a choice of solid and engineered timber in various colours. For instance, solid hardwood is considered the most durable alternative, including walnut, oak, mahogany, maple, birch, and teak. These hardwood trees are boasted for their fire-resistance, which makes them costlier than softwoods.

Softwoods, on the other hand, grow relatively fast, which makes them a budget-friendly wood flooring alternative. The hardness of softwoods is much lower in comparison with hardwoods, making the former more susceptible to deterioration. The most popular softwood types include cedar, spruce, fir, pine, and larch. Engineered wood is another attractive option when selecting timber flooring. Numerous high-density fibreboards are used to create a stable top layer.

Regarding colours, wood floors are available in light, medium, and dark tones. For instance, homeowners looking from wood in lighter tones should choose European oak, pine, ash, or tallowwood. Those appealed by medium tones can choose between blackbutt and spotted gum. When looking for dark tones, American walnut, brushbox, and jarrah are considered the best variants.

It looks classy

Another reason for Canberra residents to install timber flooring in their homes is the timeless appearance of this material. When compared to carpets, wood floors provide more freedom in terms of décor due to the classy look. Carpets provide more limited choices when decorating homes, as individuals can choose from a certain number of colours, not all of which are neutral.

Wood flooring, on the other hand, provides homeowners with a wider choice of natural tones. As a result, these types of floors fit perfectly in houses with different décor. The greatest thing about wood is the power to makes homes inviting and warm while providing an evergreen look.

Better air quality

Homeowners suffering from allergies have an even better reason to install timber flooring. As previously mentioned, wooden floors prevent dust and pollen from sticking to their surface. In contrast, carpets are a magnet for allergens, hence worsening allergy symptoms in household members. Consequently, installing hardwood flooring provides better indoor air quality.

Moreover, carpets allow germs to thrive by trapping moisture into the material. Since bacteria are fond of dampness, it’s no wonder germs spread with ease in households where carpets are used. Conversely, hardwood floors make water and dirt easy to notice, thus assisting homeowners in preventing bacteria growth. These are much easier to disinfect, which is especially useful for families with pets.

Makes homes warmer

One of the most important reasons why Canberra residents should consider installing timber flooring is the insulation this material provides. Wood is an excellent insulator, which is why hardwood floors are comfortable to walk on. It has the capacity to make homes not only feel but look much warmer than before.

Unlike tiles, wood doesn’t hold on to coolness, hence providing the necessary warmth during winter. While tiles are cool to walk on in the summer period, these aren’t exactly favourable in the course of winter. Timber, on the other hand, provides comfort and a cosy feeling all year round. Those in love with the fluffiness of carpets can put rugs on the floor instead of using carpets to cover the entire house.

Final word

Wooden floors complement all kinds of décor as long as you choose the most suitable tone.

Your beloved home will look classy and feel incredibly cosy!

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