Should You Replace a Panel Radiator with a Column Radiator?

In the past, radiators were simply functional and had very little decorative merit, but times have changed. Panel radiators were installed throughout the home and varied in size according to the dimensions of the room they were heating, but now different types of radiator are more popular, and there are many different designs to choose from.

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The Popular Choice

Panel convector radiators have been the norm for a long time, with the addition of convector fins giving a greater output than the basic panel radiators. Designer radiators were the exclusive preserve of the rich, but now designer radiators are much more affordable and widely available. Column rads can replace basic panel radiators and give a room a designer touch.

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According to YouGov, the ideal temperature to keep a room at is 21 C, but obviously this can vary depending on the occupants and whether the room is used for living in during the day or just for sleeping. Elderly people and very young children generally need a slightly higher temperature than healthy adults.

Radiator Extensions

If you are fitting column radiators to replace panel radiators, they will need to be of a similar size to the originals in order to heat the room effectively. This is easily achievable even if the exact size you require is not available in a column rad, because radiator extensions can be used to make the difference up. A wide selection of designs can be obtained from suppliers such as These designer radiators are not purely functional – they add a “wow” factor to your home.

More Options

Because there are so many variations in their heights, widths and columns, a column radiator can be more flexible. Unlike panel radiators that have to be fitted horizontally, column rads can be installed in narrower spaces. They also heat up differently from panel radiators and, because they have a greater capacity for water, they emit heat for longer. Panel radiators have small pipes, which is why they are able to heat up quickly, but the downside is that they tend to cool down more quickly as well.

Replacing panel radiators with column rads makes perfect sense, particularly if you are upgrading or refurbishing your home. Even if you are simply redecorating, installing column rads can really give your home a lift.


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