Cooking as a family creates memories (and skills) that will be cherished for a lifetime—whether it’s a hasty weeknight dinner in between homework and piano lessons or a big meal for a special occasion. But the kitchen can be one of the most dangerous places in the home.

Real money online casino kitchen safety tips will help you turn dinner prep into a safe family affair.

  1. Always supervise children

This is especially important when you have younger children, who must be supervised at all times. It’s good practice to supervise your adolescent chefs too – even if you’re teaching your teenager how to roast their first Sunday dinner. You’ll be surprised at the amount of knowledge a novice chef requires. Younger cooks will require vigilant supervision. You’ll need to perform certain tasks, such as cutting and peeling, for them. Take this opportunity to demonstrate the correct way to hold and use dangerous kitchen equipment.

  1. Have a fire safety conversation

It’s important to stress to young children the basics of fire safety. Flames can be attractive so it’s important to stress the importance of staying away from open flames. Equally, you should emphasise the importance of keeping pan handles away from flames and turned away from where they may get knocked. Inform your child when it might be necessary to call 999 and what to do if a fire does start. Tell your child that if they see smoke or fire, they should inform an adult and evacuate immediately, and if the room is full of smoke, they should crawl to evacuate the room.

  1. Wash hands

This might sound obvious but it’s crucial. You should highlight the importance of hand washing to your child so that they develop great kitchen hygiene habits. Teach your children the correct way to wash hands. Many children (and even adults!) are unaware of the proper way to wash hands. It should take at least ten seconds to wash your hands. Furthermore, make your children aware of when to wash their hands. They should always do so after touching any raw meat or poultry to prevent cross contamination, courtesy of best payout casinos.

  1. Prevent cross-contamination

Cross-contamination is straightforward to prevent if you know what to do and what not to do. For example, you should never wash raw meat, because any spills or splashes on surfaces could become contaminated with campylobacter. This bacteria causes the most instances of food poisoning in the UK. All surfaces and utensils that have come into contact with raw meat should be washed. It’s also a good idea to ensure your child knows how to identify when meat or chicken is ready. Show them how to use a meat thermometer. When using a thermometer, they should insert it into the thickest part of the meat and wait until the temperature is stable.

  1. Use the right tools for kitchen safety for kids

Keep both your recipe and your child’s skill level in mind when prepping for a family cooking session. Have safety tools like hot pads and oven mitts at the ready. If you plan to cook with your kids regularly, consider investing in some kitchen tools designed specifically for little hands. When you give your child their own tools, it helps prevent accidents and makes them feel at home in the kitchen.

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