How to Use Succulents in Your Gardening?

The act of gardening can survive in any topography within the state. Succulent plants are what most people grow in their gardens. Succulent plants have either fat leaves or obese stems or roots which are used to stock water during the dry period.

These plants are distinctive and vary in largeness, shapes, the color of leaves; flower, and they are specially used for decorations and ornaments. They can also survive in cold regions.

They are used as a centerpiece to add beauty to the surrounding. These crops can also be used as lasting leaf litter for tough slopes and sorted in varying attractive colors. Some succulent plants are used in the homes as fences, fireguards, and also for protection against robbers’ attacks.

Succulents planted in containers are most times grown alongside buried succulents; most especially when you plant them with crops that need to be moved during harsh weather.

Some factors affect the adequate germination of succulent plants in a garden, you don’t just grow a crop anywhere, it is vital you know the basic requirement of a crop before planting. Doing so would get you high quality and improved yield. You can find more here on improving plant yield.

Basic Requirements of Garden Succulents

For proper germination of succulent seeds, there are three important factors you must take note of; the temperature, you should know how the plants fare during hot or cold seasons, the quantity of rainfall they require, and also the amount of sunlight needed for photosynthesis.

If you have an idea about these three factors, you would know the best kind of plant for your environment. You also need well-drained soil and create a shade to guide these plants from excessive absorption of sunlight.


The most common succulent crops that are grown in the garden do well in extreme weather conditions. These succulent plants are haworthia, sumpervivium, opuntia, aeonium, aloe, crassula, echeveria, gateria, just to mention a few.

Different species of succulent plants survive at different temperatures; some plant species can tolerate the hot season while those cold-tolerant plants would tend to defrost during the hot summer. Nevertheless, it is good you pant succulents near the house because it aids those unclassifiable species from freezing out in the cold seasons.


Normally, a higher account of the succulent species thrives well in hot conditions. Most of these plants might be twiggy and weak when they have not been exposed to at least six hours of sun rays compared to when they acquire sun rays for normal eight hours; their flowers emerge beautiful and healthier.

Succulent crops with bright-colored leaves consume more solar energy when compare to those with green-colored leaves. Nonetheless, they require covering from intense solar radiation for better growth and development.

Required Amount of Rainfall

Succulent plants are not described as a plant that requires much water, they can survive in lengthy dry seasons compared to other garden plants. However, they do well when they get an adequate water supply, they germinate and flower during this period.

There are some species of succulents that thrive well in both extreme weather conditions compared to some that only survive in either dry or frost weather. They include agave, yucca, opuntia, aloe etc.

Gardeners normally grow outdoor succulents on the arid side of a landscape during the rains; because most succulents don’t need water in excess amount. They are better planted on dry land to prevent rotting and aid them to survive the frost period. It is also good when you put them in pots and under a shield for adequate protection from an excess water supply.

Most succulents have distinctive characteristics to thrive well both outside and at room temperature. However, at different stages of germination, they require excess water and light control. For those of you that seek to plan your garden, it is vital you know which species of succulents need a controlled environment and at what stage in growth. This link has more on rainfall requirement for selected plants.

How to Grow Succulents Outdoors?

Cultivation of succulent crops should begin very early in the year so that they can start germinating before the cold season. You must get ready to provide shelter for those seedlings. When you plant succulents outside, you need to make sure the soils are properly drained with the addition of relevant materials against erosion.

This drainage material is the presence of farmyard manure or organic compost with extra sandy soil to reduce the water of the soil retaining capacity. You must dig up about six to eight inches in depth and lay your plant stem into the soil. Soil material that is gritty in texture mixes properly during planting. It is appropriate you use hard soil if you need to plant your succulents.

Leave the soil for about two days without adding water, and then apply fertilizers with little or no nitrogen content. After this, you also need to add underground succulents with those in containers and cover them with a fence made with wood or block.

These succulents are also planted alongside other drought-resistant crops such as iris, Artemisia, and lantana, just to mention a few.

How to Plant Succulents in a Controlled Environment?

The same way you grow other crops in pots, is similar way succulents are cultivated inside You need to ensure you have made drains on the pot or you consider turning them slanted to remove excess water from the container.

If you are planting for the first time, you need to use a well-drained and aerated soil mix. A good soil mix should not be too wet; you need to add more sand to the mix adequately. This helps drainage of the potting soil.

When you start to plant succulents often, you would spot that the roots are trivial and frail. You would need to loosen the soil by sieving new soil close to the roots. You should use your finger or the end of a pencil to crush the soil gently. After doing this, you would need to cover the soil surface with gritty soil and leave the crop to dry for a few days before adding water.

Final Note

You must wonder how long succulents live and which plants are of the most incredible species of plant on earth. They thrive well in bad conditions and easily germinate in any garden located outdoors or inside a regulated environment.

They are known to have very beautiful flowers that are used as decoration. We are also aware of their medicinal use. For example, the aloe plant is used for skin treatment. With what we have discussed today, you should have an in-depth analysis of how to grow your succulent plant in the garden and the type of environment and soil requirements that supports its growth.

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