How to tighten kitchen faucet? 2 different easy tricks

In the following article, I will present you step on how to tighten kitchen faucet. A threaded rod and nut are used to attach a faucet to the sink, which can be loosened over time. To solve this problem, we have different tools.

How to tighten kitchen faucet?


Step 1

When access to the nut is easy, with a spanner or a fixed wrench, we can release it without problems.

Step 2

If the measure of the rod allows it, a good alternative is the use of a ratchet.

Step 3

One of the benefits of this tool is that it is not necessary for the couple and uncouple the wrench at each turning portion, so we avoid that waste of time and get the job done faster.

Step 4

But, in the event that the stud is very long, this tool falls short to be able to turn the nut. A socket wrench would be the best solution since it would increase our room for maneuver.

Step 5

In DIY stores, we find socket wrenches in kits, which include different accessories to tighten and loosen nuts of different diameters.

Step 6

If you do not have this tool and do not want to buy it, a solution may be to put a shorter stud or cut the one we have before installing the tap.

Step 7

Following the guidelines that we have given you, you can keep the tap perfectly attached to the sink, without problems.


Step 1

Empty the area under the sink for better access to the faucet’s underside, as this is where the brass washer and nut are located.

Step 2

Locate the washer and nut by looking towards the underside of the sink counter. Find the nut and fit your wrench to it. If necessary, to better access the nut, turn off the water valves on the supply pipes under the sink and unscrew the supply pipes that go from these pipes to the faucet.

Step 3

Turn the nut clockwise several times or until an increasing tension is felt on the nut. If it is not possible to turn the nut with a regular wrench, use a sink wrench with a longer handle and a swivel head. This wrench is specifically designed to unscrew the faucet nuts.

Step 4

Check the faucet above the sink by gently pushing it back and forth once you think the nut is tight. If the tap is still loose, retighten the nut until the tap no longer moves.
Things you will need
Normal key or key to the basin


If you cannot get the faucet fully tightened and you see that one of the parts is damaged, remove the nut and washer by turning the nut counterclockwise with the wrench. Replace the washer and nut by sliding new ones onto the faucet pipes. Tighten the nut again with the wrench to secure the faucet to the sink.

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