How to Tastefully Decorate an Empty Corner of the Room

Do you feel like an empty corner of the room is spoiling the layout? Can you not think of a way to fill this space that is going to be stylish? Indeed, having an empty corner in a room can be a difficult place to decorate. Perhaps there is not enough space there or you do not know what shape to choose to change the dynamics of the room. The good news is there are quite a few popular ways homeowners are transforming corners and making sure they do not appear empty. Let’s take a look.

Use a Tall Houseplant

Plants are trending right now since you are able to bring the outdoors inside. You can add color to a room, as well as add height. What’s more, Plants are said to be able to transform your mood and even improve the air quality in your home. What is not to like? Even if you are forgetful and do not think you can care for a houseplant, there are plenty of artificial options out there you can choose instead. Therefore, add a tall houseplant to the corner of your room. This is going to fill the space with something attractive and the height can help to take away the look of bareness.

Add a Lamp

Would you like to decorate a corner and make sure there is a practical addition at the same time? Well, try adding a lamp. A lamp will introduce some ambience in the evening, as well as make sure you can use the corner productively. You can see a superb, quality pleated lampshade collection from Penny Morrison as a good starting point, which is going to allow color and a nice pattern to transform the room. You can choose either a table lamp or a tall one to fill the space and allow light to permeate the four corners of the room.


Try Open Shelving

If you do not have a lot of floorspace in the corner but want to make sure there is interest, try adding open shelving to the wall. This can be a way to draw your eye, as well as a place where you can show off ornaments, candles or plants. It can fill the space and allow you to add almost anything you want to decorate. In particular, homeowners love the style of floating shelves and they are easy to fit on the wall.

Choose an Accent Chair

Corners are notoriously hard places to decorate in the home because there is often not enough space for traditional furniture. Well, why not try an accent chair instead? This is often smaller than an armchair and it can add color and style to a corner. What’s more, it is not just a decoration. It is also going to be a comfortable seat you can use whether this is a living room or bedroom. There are a lot of different styles available and this is even an opportunity to introduce a different texture to the room.

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