How to Sell My San Diego House Fast

Our house is one of our most important assets. In most cases, we intend to pass them on to our kids. However, situations may arise that can prompt us to sell the property. Some of these situations are permanent relocation, collateral payment, or financial crises.

Irrespective of your reason for wanting to sell your home, doing it is hard. It is even worse when you are time-bound. You may face pressure to sell it off at a lesser price.

However, there are several ways to sell your home in San Diego. Some people devise several strategies to market it to their friends and relatives, while others hand it over to an agent. Meanwhile, several investment companies purchase properties from private individuals. You can check out ChrisbuysHomesSanDiego.Com for such options in San Diego.

Notwithstanding, if you intend to market your home yourself, several steps can assist you. In this article, we shall exposit on six steps to selling your property.

Six Steps to Selling Your Property

Make It Purchasable

The appearance of your home matters a lot. The value of the property depends on its appearance.

The first step before sales is to ensure that the house is in good shape. Start by clearing out your personal belongings. Remove all furniture, family photographs, religious items, and others. These things can make the rooms appear messy.

Fix Any Damaged Part

It is necessary to fix any part that is damaged. You might not have the time to conduct a total renovation of the building. However, you should repair any broken pipes, loose tiles and patch any spot on the wall.

Depending on how old the building is, you might want to spend some buck on upgrades. You can install new kitchen hardware, replace old light fixtures, and repaint the inside.

Hire an Expert Photographer

Now your home is standard, take some good shots. It might seem convenient to use a phone camera but, you might have issues with poor lighting.

If you intend to sell your home fast, a poor photograph is the last thing you want. Poor lighting and the fact that you might not take the pictures well can spoil the photos. Hiring an expert photographer is the best option.

Professional photographers know how to handle lighting issues and often come with additional light for this reason. Though hiring an expert might be expensive, they deliver quality pictures. Before listing the property for sale, ensure the photos have good quality.

Choose a Selling Price

Choosing a price tag is an important step. You should note that there are several homes to be sold and few buyers. Picking a price has a lot to do with how fast your house will sell.

Before setting a price, you should look at the cost of such property on the market. Check home selling sites or run a search on Google. It will give you a clue of the competitive price. You can click here to know more about competitive pricing.

Ensure you do not overprice or under-price the property. Try to keep the value within the competitive price range. Also, consider the prices that interest more buyers and set your value around them.

One thing you can do if you need to sell immediately is to set a reduction time limit. If after a certain period you have not gotten any bids, you can review your price. You can tag this as a timed discounted offer.

Another thing you can do is offer incentives. Some include upfront repairs, the free water bill for a year, or appliances. Anything you feel might interest your prospects.

Write a Creative Listing Description

The next step is to write an outstanding listing description. A listing description refers to a piece of writing that explains the details about your home and its features.

Ensure your description is unique and catchy. You can click on to know more about how to write a listing description.

Target a Sales Period

Lastly, you should target a sales period. According to research, most home buyers purchase homes within the first half of April till May. Though, it is not an assurance that your property will sell at such periods. However, it is a period to consider.


There are several ways to get your home sold. You can contact a real estate agent or sell to an investor. However, some persons prefer doing the job by themselves. Following the steps above might help you sell your home fast.

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