How to handle AC repair Tampa, FL?

Once summer officially begins in Tampa, FL, most people start to use their air conditioner throughout the day. Due to heavy wear and tear, the AC shows signs of malfunctioning. The HVAC contractors continuously receive calls of AC repair Tampa FL mostly in the peak summer months. When the unit stops functioning, the customers immediately call and request services. Some of the top AC problems they encounter during summer are as follows. We suggest implementing a maintenance plan as it aids in preventing problems in peak summer months.


The unit can experience issues when it is dirty. Several airborne particles and dust occupy the condensed coil resulting in reduced capacity and efficiency. In most cases, the air conditioner would develop ice because of the dirty condensing coil. The ice would develop surrounding the outside or inner part of the copper lines. As the AC absorbs air through the coil, it is important to clean the unit from inside. Do not attempt to clean or perform complicated air conditioning repair Tampa FL by yourself. When you approach a certified AC technician, they do the entire cleaning and servicing tasks at ease. They are aware of the air conditioner in and out parts and know-how to remove, clean, and fix back in position. As they keep doing the same task for numerous clients every day, they know how to handle your model and unit.

When you call in a professional technician, you should list out all the repairs and failures you are observing in your air conditioner. As the air conditioner deals with refrigerant and high voltage electricity, the homeowners should not carry out the repairs. It is not recommended for their safety.


Another common repair most homeowners come across is the low refrigerant levels. The unit would not need or is not recommended to refill AC refrigerant every year. For example, if the AC requires refrigerant continuously, it means it is having a damaged or leaky refrigerant circuit. So, you have to replace or repair the unit. When you keep refilling and continue using it, it is hazardous. Moreover, the unit can stop working anytime.

The AC’s refrigerant circuit involves the evaporator coil and the copper cooling line set. There are chances of leakage in any one or several components. However, when the leak is small, it is dangerous to determine. The AC contractors implement leak detection methods such as dyes and high-pressure nitrogen exams to locate the exact location of the leak. It is not guaranteed that they can find and fix the leak. If you contact an experienced contractor, they can determine it with their experience and previous knowledge.


Compressor failure is a common problem that happens in most air conditioners. It is almost similar to the car’s engine. It is costly and challenging to replace. Before purchasing a new compressor, it is recommended to check all the other alternative options in the industry. But when your unit has been performing for about six years and the part can be covered under the warranty, you can go ahead with compressor replacement. But if you doubt whether the AC would function well despite compressor replacement, you can research the AC replacement cost and options.

Fan motor:

Condensing fan motors often fails due to frequent usage of the air conditioner. It is an important component in the AC and situated in the main part. It can withstand extreme temperature all through the year and is seen in the outside elements of the AC. It is worth investing in fan replacement as it can last for years. Nowadays, manufacturers are developing strong components and units that remain durable for years. When you are replacing, ensure to check the warranty and also the brand.

Contactors and capacitors:

Bad contactors and bad capacitors are common and typical AC repairs in Tampa, FL. A lot of electricity passes through these two important components, developing the capacity where they get extremely hot. As the outside temperature increases, the components develop more heat and often fall, regardless of the unit’s size and model. The best part here is both the contractors and capacitors are affordable and it is totally valuable to repair.

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