How to decorate a bookshelf in your room? An original ideas

Are you looking for how to decorate a bookshelf? If you have too many and your shelves and drawers are full, try to take advantage of them learning to decorate with them too. Choose the books you have already read and plan to leave them alone for a while. These items are mainly those that we will use to decorate since we know positively that we are not going to move them for a while.

An original idea on how to decorate a bookshelf

how to decorate a bookshelf

If you like reading, surely books will be an important part of your life and will occupy a prominent place in your home. But neither is it anything new that for many, books are a decorative element, which can be perfect for the living room, a bookshelf …

To cover a whole wall of books bought “by the meter,” the classic volumes of encyclopedia of all the life, of serious and formal loins, has gone out of fashion. Now, other alternatives can be great at home if you want to use books as decoration, and have much more style and are original.

For example, here is a proposal that may look very good: decorating with books. Using the color of them to create an original and different space. The idea would be to find books of different colors: roses, blues, purples, yellows, oranges … and place them on a bookshelf to achieve a certain degraded effect. Add a combination of colors, grouping books by tone.

Bookshelf decoration

Bookshelf decoration

The truth is that it is a very interesting idea, that can work well. It has a style to the last and with a lot of personalities. It is a perfect way to add a touch of color to a dark room, or a modern and different look to space with a rather classic style. The truth is that it is an original idea and it is not complicated to do. The only thing you need is to find books of different colors and use them to decorate the living room shelf.

Sooner or later, any book can become part of your decoration. They already do it as part of a small library, a bookshelf, on the table. There are many examples and some of them I would like to share with you.

If you want ideas to decorate with books, you have it very simple as an alternative method of other objects. You can use these items to create. For example, beautiful centerpieces. Stacked together, they will be beautiful. About the last book, you can add a compliment that catches your attention like a vase or an ashtray, perhaps a small statuette or something that you like.

Betting on creativity

Betting on creativity

In this way, you will add a bit of charm to any part of your home. You can achieve charming corners by stacking a few books, in the form of a column. If your loins are beautiful, there will also be a most attractive decoration. An idea, other than to add an element on the pile, will be to tie them with rustic rope or a delicate ribbon and make a pretty loop (a somewhat more romantic way).

Distribute the books, at home, using a predetermined color will be great. For example, now with summer, choose tapas books in vibrant colors and add color to your home, either on a table, on a side table, as centers or on the floor (assuming they are clean and do not fill with impurities). You combine one, two or more shades you will create very happy atmospheres.

From one or several books, you can create something precious … for this one idea is to tie them with rustic ribbon and add dried flowers as a bouquet. If you like flowers, this is a beautiful idea to decorate with both passions. These compositions are usually quite romantic, but you can give it the style you think is convenient.


I remind you that if you have a chair that you do not use, the idea is to fix it, paint it. Then decorate the part of the seat with some books arranged as you like. There are many ways on how to decorate a bookshelf (even to make auxiliary tables). So, they will not all be disordered at home. It is a way of taking care of them, but using them as part of our decoration. What do you think?

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