How to clean windows: the guide to clean PVC, Wood and Aluminum frames

The windows are an important part of a home and are cared for with dedication. However, it is necessary to know the different methods on how to clean windows. It depends on the materials that make up their structure. How to intervene if you have aluminum windows? Which products are best suited to wood? And how do you clean PVC windows?

With this guide, you will no longer have doubts and you can boast of windows always in excellent condition. A larger window allows greater light irradiation of the rooms. This is one of the reasons that push buyers to opt for the installation of aluminum frames. This material is indeed very durable. As a result, the crosspieces and uprights can be thin and at the same time bear the weight of a window wider.

How to clean windows?

How to clean windows

If you have made this choice too, you will have to pay special attention to the maintenance of your aluminum window, adopting specific precautions for the optimal conservation of this material. One of the great advantages of cleaning aluminum windows is that there is no need to repaint them periodically.

When they leave the factory, they are in fact covered with a special powder coating which is a virtually indelible layer and can last over the years. This also translates into a lot less work for maintenance, as these structures can be cleaned very quickly.

To do this, all you will need is simply:

  • Soft cloth
  • Water
  • Soap

The latter will act on any particle of oil, dirt, and grease, which you can then remove gently passing the rag on the uprights. Attention! It is not advisable to use more aggressive products or rough fabrics, as you risk damaging the surface of the structure.

If you have to deal with the cleaning of a particularly dated aluminum window, whose paint layer is slightly more worn, you could use products designed to restore the original qualities of the material. In the event that the window is void of paint, you can allow yourself to use more energy in cleaning. Also, in this case, the combination of soap and water will be the most appropriate solution.

Finally, once a year, you could apply a layer of wax on the window frame, in order to protect the aluminum from external agents. In the absence of specific products, you can also use the wax that usually applies to car bodies.

How to clean wooden windows

clean wooden windows

The wooden windows can be an aesthetic element appreciable, especially if your home has a style traditional, typical of country houses. However, this material requires special attention that is very different from that dedicated to PVC or aluminum. This care must be carried out from the beginning and with consistency, including operations such as the application of paint. The addition of special substances, colorings, and specific treatments. The wood is in fact particularly vulnerable to ‘ action of the rain, the wind and warm. Therefore, by favoring the purchase of windows made with this material, you will also have to take responsibility for a recurring maintenance job.

In short, you will need to consider the most accurate cleaning, not ” once in a while “. Here are some suggestions on the most effective methods for the care of your wooden windows. With useful tips to avoid their damage and to increase their longevity.

Consider that to perform these operations you will not have to spend a fortune since the most incisive techniques are often the simplest ones. If your wooden window has a layer of paint, and if it is still in good condition, you can use a scourer to remove the dirt from the structure, applying a liquid solution depending on the case that will allow you to better clean the dirty.

If the patina of paint is instead more fragile, you can use a brush to get rid of clots and dust before cleaning. You can then finish the operation with a cloth, moistening it with specific spray. In any case, it is not advisable to use the bleach on the wood of the window, as this product, in addition to drying it, can damage the color.

The application of wax and oils will be useful to give new splendor to the wooden structure of the window, as you will have to account for a periodic repainting.

And in case of mold?

mold in wooden windows

What to do when the wooden window frame is attacked by mold? In this case, as mentioned, the use of aggressive products may prove counterproductive. Instead, you can use a ” traditional ” solution, composed of four parts of water and one of vinegar, you will have more chances to get rid of the problem quickly and painlessly.

You will have to apply this liquid to the affected areas and let it act for a few minutes. Then remove it with the help of a cloth. You can also ask yourself how you should act if the dirt is so deep as to resist the remedies listed here.

In this case, you could prepare a do-it-yourself solution made of water and bicarbonate, or you could use a biological detergent diluted with hot water. Both of these strategies are effective against stubborn stains, such as those caused by droppings from birds or insects died.

Finally, a useful recommendation: In the most difficult cases, you can be tempted to use a jet of water to clean the wooden structure of your windows. While it may be appealing, this idea is always to be avoided.

How to clean PVC windows

clean PVC windows

Here are some practical tips on how to effectively clean your PVC windows, a material that is particularly appreciated as it does not require a demanding maintenance. Even if they have these undoubted qualities, even this type of windows will need regular care, as atmospheric agents, smog, and dust can gradually affect their durability.

On the market, there are many products specially designed for cleaning PVC windows such as creams, sprays, and detergents, which however contain chemicals that not everyone can like. Obviously, you do not want to make a crusade against these products, which can be effective and quick, but if you intend to clean windows with natural remedies, you can use the following method:

If you have a good vacuum cleaner in your home with a soft brush tip, you can use it to remove dust from the structure after airing the room. A bucket of soapy water and a soft cloth are the tools you’ll need to continue the work of cleaning, which can be accomplished by passing a soft cloth and never rough to dry the uprights. The products to be avoided, on the other hand, are bleach, alcohol, and pressure water jet.

Highly recommended it is also the glass wool to scrape dirt: it is better to obtain patience and stick to the material, which is likely to be damaged beyond repair if in contact with rough brushes.

How to clean window glass

How to clean window glass

Whether they are made of PVC, aluminum or wood, the windows all have a glass surface, which must be cleaned regularly. This is a simple operation that you can do during the early hours of the morning when the sun is still warm and does not beat strongly on the windows.

This measure is not trivial since it will allow you to avoid the formation of unpleasant halos on the glass. As for the products, a do-it-yourself solution that you can use consists of the combination of:

  • Water
  • Vinegar

Two drops of your favorite essential oil (such as lavender or sweet orange). You can then apply this mixture by means of a cloth in microfiber: if possible, it is better to perform the first pass with a cloth and use another one for the final drying. In the absence of the second cloth, you can use the classic sheet of newspaper to dry. Alternatively, you can apply special cleaning products, always using a soft cloth to finish.

clean the windows

How often do you have to clean the windows?

Dedicating yourself to window cleaning is a practice not to be forgotten: by intervening occasionally, dirt will accumulate on the surface and you will have to use a considerable amount of time and effort to get rid of it. It is therefore worth planning a window cleaning at least once every two weeks.


With this guide how to clean windows, you should have figured out what were the best methods to clean your PVC, Wood and Aluminum windows. If you have any questions or advice, share it with the home design community.

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