How to clean suede shoes? Step by step guideline

When we talk about suede shoes, we have to consider that it is a garment that protects one of the most delicate parts of our body and that is in constant contact with the ground. Something can make the cleaning process still more complicated. Luckily, here we have developed a simple step-by-step guide to teach you how to clean suede shoes, so if you want to discover this and much more about this elegant and beautiful material, do not miss the tips that we bring to your continuation. Let’s go there!

How to clean suede shoes?

As we have anticipated, suede footwear, just like leather footwear, can become vulnerable for the composition of its material. The stains, scratches, and exposure to liquids such as oil, paint, or even water can be a fatal encounter.

Keep in mind, before you start, that depending on the type of impurities you want to eliminate and the type of chamois you wish to clean, you must use one technique or another.

How to clean suede shoes

Here are some specifications to consider:

  1. To clean shoe suede or suede color, you need to get a special eraser for that purpose. You can find it in shoe stores and supermarkets without any problem, so it’s not a complicated task. To achieve the correct cleaning, apply moderate pressure on the material, using the eraser in the area that is stained or dirty.
  2. We should clean suede or light with a chamois cleaning brush like the one you can see in the main image. Keep in mind that if the brush is brand new, you will achieve a better final finish. Then, pass the tool a few times over the dirty areas. You can carry out this method as long as the shoes have not been stained with paint or any bleaching liquid.
  3. If your suede shoes have a stain that does not want to leave, we recommend using a little vinegar to get rid of it. You only have to use a cloth on the stained area and wait for the material to dry. Then, you can pass the brush to clean chamois as many times as necessary, but delicately.
  4. Now, if we talk about removing a water stain that has changed the color of the material, the best thing you can do is use a cloth or a sponge and add more water, but this time over the entire surface of the material to create a uniform layer. Then, rub gently and wait for it to dry.
  5. If the problem is that you have tangled a chewing gum in the suede shoe, you should do the following: introduce the pump in the freezer for a few minutes so that the chewing gum solidifies. Then, using the brush to clean chamois, remove the impurity by making gentle movements.
  6. Finally, if your suede or suede shoes have been soiled with dirt or mud (one of the most common causes), what you should do is patient and wait for the clay to dry completely. Next, you can remove the impurities with the use of a brush to clean suede.
  7. Also, remember that these tips are specific if you wonder how to clean suede shoes. If you want to find out how to clean suede upholstery or other products like a suede jacket, the techniques may vary slightly.

How to clean black suede shoes

The black suede shoes are a type of footwear with which you must walk very carefully. It is perhaps one of the most delicate colors when we speak of suede or suede.

clean black suede shoes

  • The chamois cleaning brush is essential before starting the task. When you have it to hand, you must begin to remove the first layer of impurities by making a smooth movement so as not to mistreat the chamois.
  • Later, in the areas where the most difficult spots persist, you can rub a little harder.
  • Once your shoes are completely free of impurities, you should apply a black suede protector. Although this product is not entirely useful if you want to prevent your boots from staining, it can protect your shoes from most stains that may be generated, especially those that may appear by contact with liquids such as oil, wax or water.

Finally, if you see that after cleaning the shoe has lost its color, you can use black ink for suede. Cover the discolored areas and let them dry for at least one day.

How to clean suede shoes with soda

In addition to the ways to clean suede shoes that we have already mentioned, there is also another quite effective method to eliminate several types of spots on your shoes, regardless of whether it is wine, oil or fat. To do this, we will need a soft towel, a brush to clean chamois and a soda or soda, in addition to following the steps that presented below:

clean suede shoes with soda

  • The first thing you should do is take the soft cloth or towel and moisten it with the soda or soda in question. Keep in mind that before starting with this trick, perform a quick sweep on the footwear with the special brush for suede.
  • Then, you can proceed to clean the stained or dirty areas of the shoe with the towel, applying moderate pressure and rubbing gently to remove impurities 100%.
  • Next, let the shoes dry completely.
  • As a final step, brush the suede shoes once more and ready. Your suede shoes will look as if they were new.

So that your suede shoes always remain in good condition, we advise you to take a look at this article on how to wash clothes in the washing machine, where we reveal many tips so that your suede shoes remain as new for the possible time.

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