How best to declutter your office

A cluttered office can give a bad impression to potential customers and clients and it can also have a detrimental impact on the way in which your employees view the place that they work. It can also become a health and safety hazard if you have lots of items left lying around that could potentially become a trip hazard.

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Here are some ways in which you can declutter your office.

Storage – making sure that you have enough storage for your office items is a quick and easy way to get items locked away and not left lying around. Make space for your office paper and ink as well as any other stationery items that you have also means that you can keep an inventory of what you have and any items that you might need to order in.

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Out with the old – any old furniture items that you have should be recycled and any broken items should be replaced. This doesn’t mean that you have to be without desks for a long period of time as you can find Next day office furniture from companies like Best Buy-officechairs.

Clear desk policies – having a policy in place that ensures that your staff clear their desks at the end of the day and before they leave for lunch will mean that you staff work in more productive spaces and that your visitors are not confronted with desk strun with paper and files when they arrive.

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