GSC On Nightstands With A Built In Gun Safe

Guns protect homeowners from theft and burglary. However, owning a firearm comes with the higher responsibility of keeping everyone in the house safe. Deadly weapons should be kept secure, and it’s common sense to keep them out of others’ reach. See more about proper storage on this site here.

Avoiding thefts, accidents, and even deaths would mean that guns should be inaccessible to everyone. This is where you might want to get products from a gun safe coach (GSC) to keep everyone out of harm’s way. The logic goes like this: You keep the firearm inside the built-in gun safe on your nightstand, make the code complex, and relax knowing that it will be secure.

However, sometimes there are accidents where children in pajamas may easily open the safe and get into accidents. One famous example is the death of three-year-old Ryan Owens in 2010 when he accidentally died of a gunshot after getting into his dad’s police-issued safe. The results showed that not all of these storage spaces are safe, and most of them can be opened by toddlers.

The gun-related tragedies are becoming very common, and the risk is higher for those who have children at home. This is why it’s always important to look at your gun to prevent both teens and toddlers from accessing them.

How the Safes Work

The safe for gun storage is often not much different from others. The overall design is to let a specific person access it while everyone should be kept out. As with any other kind of lockbox, sometimes this would fail.

Still, it would help to store firearms safely, which is already a massive step towards security in terms of property and human life. There are options to look for gun safes that looks like furniture, and this might be something that you want to access. It always helps to get the ones that were designed to make accessing, storing, and organizing your guns easier, but others should have trouble accessing them.

Types to Know About

Most safes have several traits that are similar to each other. Generally, they are heavy, and they have a lock. The doors and walls are drill-resistant, and they offer some degree of resistance to many weather and house elements.

The interior features and overall dimensions differentiate them from a regular storage box. These can often be different between models depending on the number of guns that can be held and the types of firearms that can be stored. Here are other types to know about:

Handgun Varieties: These safes are often portable and small, like a briefcase. It can only hold a single handgun, which is generally helpful for those who want to take their weapons everywhere they go. The larger varieties have a lot of shelves and can hold multiple firearms in one unit. The size is comparable to that of a milk crate, and they are specially designed for vehicles.

Long-Gun: These are designed to hold shotguns and rifles. The ideal interior height is 150 cm, and the width will depend on the number of firearms it can store. The capacity can range from two to a dozen. Get more info about shotguns in this link:

Multi-Use Safe: These are the ones that have various uses aside from storing firearms. They can hold other items like documents, jewelry, and others that need security. Depending on the owners ‘ preferences, they can be small or large and are configured with small other compartments. Most of these multi-use varieties are portable, but some can be stationary. They generally have additional hooks, drawers, and shelves that also hold various items.

Electronic vs. Dial Locks

Dials or combination locks allow many people to access the contents of the storage box as long as they have the correct numbers in the proper order. This does not generally need any maintenance, and it’s a mechanism that many people have used. On the other hand, the dials may take longer to open than the electronic lock systems, and they don’t generally lock after the door closes.

Electronic lock systems have biometrics and keypad locks to allow faster access. However, some parts may fail, and they require regular changes in the batteries after some time. Choose the one that works best for you.

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