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Modern architecture is characterized by its simple designs with straight lines without ornamentation. An image of neatness and order are essential aspects of your projects. It is very common to associate modern architecture with the recent and new, but the truth is that it is a concept that brings together a set of currents and styles that developed during the 19th and 20th centuries with a residential architect.

Modern architecture is one of the most representative styles of new buildings, where innovation and renovation are fundamental aspects. This current began to develop in the USA, Europe after the French Revolution.

Characteristics of modern architecture

Bold and functional designs frame the evolution of this style by implementing different construction techniques, where people are comfortable with their environment and can easily meet their needs. Among the various styles that characterize Modern architecture in Los Angeles:


Straight lines, well-defined lines, and simplicity of form also mark modern architecture. Modern architecture is based on abstraction, which is created by clean lines and other basic shapes. Thus, the simple, geometric, rectangular, and linear shapes make the characteristics of modern architecture.


The functionality is another important feature of modern architecture. Here, exaggerated embellishments come out of the picture to give way to features and structures that are practical, functional, and necessary. In modern architecture, everything that does not add function is discarded.


Steel, glass, and reinforced concrete are the main materials used by modern architects. These materials print the aesthetics of modern architecture and collaborate with the functionality of the work, leaving it lighter, simpler, and more illuminated. Like glass to line the walls and divide interior spaces, it is also combined with steel and concrete for greater strength. Similarly, elements with bright and luminous surfaces are used inside the houses. Wood is used in its natural form.


The structures lack ornaments. The practical and functional aspect of the elements that make them up is sought.


A style began in the United States in the 1930s, characterized by oversized constructions with smooth, polished surfaces, using materials, such as reinforced concrete.


It is a style that enhances visual transparency, giving the sensation of larger and clearer spaces. Order and the use of light materials such as glass predominate.


They are buildings of great majesty with wide staircases where people usually feel small.

Other special features

One of the main characteristics of modern architecture is the absence of ornaments, betting on the simplification of forms with diaphanous and bright spaces. Likewise, other elements stand out, such as:


Designs in straight and simple lines, with rectangular shapes. Modern buildings are efficient. They are designed for better use of spaces with a practical sense.


The spaces are no longer defined only by walls and corridors. The feeling of spaciousness and grandeur predominate in modern architecture designs.


Natural lighting is used efficiently. Different types of lamps are also used to maximize lighting. In general, modern houses and buildings make more efficient use of materials and resources, enhancing their elements’ beauty through transparency and uniformity, without overloading the spaces.

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