5 creative recycling ideas for recycled DIY things

DIY is a good way to save money on home decoration. Thanks to the thousands of DIY tutorials that exist, you can give yourself the atmosphere you want for your home. And something that we usually talk about at Casaenorden is to take care of the environment through our home. One of the bases to have a green home is to recycle and reuse everything that is possible. You know where the shots go.

Ideas for recycled DIY things


It is possible to decorate our home with recycled materials, through different DIY tricks that you can do yourself. In this post, the Amera Management team will give you 5 ideas for DIY with recycled things, which we will increase in the future to help you get a home decorated and original, as well as respectful of the environment.

Recycle glass jars DIY

ideas for recycled DIY things

One of the favorite crafts from around the world that decorates your home with recycled materials are all those with glass jars. Its storage capacity gives a lot of freedom to give them any use. decorating them with threads, paper or stickers, we can decorate a jar that serves as a pencil, small pot, or space. The result is totally original and they are perfect for gifts or to give a more personal touch to the house. Try to do it with different types of jars and you will see the utility that you can get out of this idea for DIY with recycled things.

Recycle unused doors

For the DIY Ideas for recycling doors, we gave you a lot of things to do with doors that have no use in your home. From making a table with a door to wall mirrors, libraries, racks, headboards for bed or simple wall decoration with doors to anywhere. The doors give a lot of play when it comes to recycling them. In addition, with the right tools of DIY, you can take advantage of all that wood for what you want.

Recycling of cardboard or wood boxes

It’s funny because the only use that is given to recycled boxes is to store things. Normally without any concrete order, ending in a chaos of home organization. Something that many people do not know is that you can build the whole furniture based on boxes. Above all, if they are made of wood, by joining them properly, a DIY cabinet can be made. And with cardboard boxes you can make all the crafts with cardboard you want, creating unique pieces to decorate the house.

Give new life to old rackets

We bring you a fantastic idea for those old rackets that you have saved centuries ago when you played tennis. It’s a pity to throw them away because you never know when a game can fall, but they occupy a place and, in the end, we end up pulling them. But surely it had not occurred to you to turn them into mirrors or photo frames. Mirrors are a perfect way to improve lighting in the home, and it is very original to put a picture playing tennis using a racket as a frame. In addition, you can decorate them to your liking so that they combine with the rest of the decoration of the house. Undoubtedly, a super original decorative element that you have to have at home.

Recycle stairs DIY

Another favorite element of the handyman who loves to decorate the house with recycled elements is the stairs. When they are old and there is some type of breakage risk, it is convenient to change them for others in better condition. But you do not have to throw them away, because their structure is completely usable to organize the home and decorate it in an original way. With a staircase, you can make a bookcase, an open cabinet, a coat rack, and everything you can think of. So you know, give him a new life that old ladder you have saved.

Learn all the tricks for DIY and become a handyman

The best thing about doing DIY is that it is a direct door to your creativity and that you can put your house as you really like it. Building your own furniture and decorative elements is a great activity that you can also do with the whole family. If you have not yet started doing DIY, check out the 5 things you have to know to do DIY beforehand! And get to work!

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