What to Think About When Planning to Move Abroad

Moving house is something that we all dread doing, but the pros often outweigh the cons eventually, which is why so many people do it of course! Moving house to live abroad is something that can feel even more stressful.

People move abroad for many reasons – it may be that there are better opportunities in another country, you want to explore a certain part of the world that you have always been attracted to, you have been offered a job in another country, or you might be moving for a relationship. Before you go, it is a good idea to think through some of these things, as this will make it less stressful, and less likely to be problematic in the future…

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What are the rules and requirements in the country?

We don’t really tend to think much about how other countries differ, as time spent in them is usually limited to when we are on holiday and may need to pack a travel plug adapter! However, living in a different country is very different, and as well as Visa and entry requirements, it is also worth looking into how you will be expected to pay taxes, and also what the healthcare is like there and how that is funded.

What will happen to your current home and belongings?

If you own a home in the UK you will need to decide what you will do with it. Are you going to sell it before you go? What about your belongings? If you are going for a shorter period of time or are unsure, you can put them in safe storage, find a local company like this self storage Swindon based company who will be able to help. Alternatively, you could take them with you, but you will need to find an international courier to do this.

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If you have family at home, how will you keep in touch?

Homesickness can strike even if you are really excited and happy with your move. Having plans in place to contact your relatives and friends at home is a good idea before you head off. You can even arrange flights for you to visit or them to visit you before you go.

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