Is the film Sunshine realistic?

In the year 2057,  according to the film Sunshine,  the world has a serious problem on its hands.  Forget global warming and climate change in the film the sun has gone out.  The life-giving heat and raise of light that the sun provides are starting to fade and dim.  it also means that their would be an issue for Solar Panel Installers Bristol based, although with modern panels even the smallest amount of light is able to generate a considerable amount of energy.  The human race is faced with a stark choice: use up every ounce of its nuclear fissionable  material  and travel to the sun and restart it with the equivalent of a huge atomic bomb  being placed inside it.

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Whilst this might seem somewhat far-fetched,  for example the fact that we have been able to conquer and achieve stellar space flight seems rather fanciful,  would it work in the first place?  The answer is probably no.  The sun, being a star, is capable of heat and nuclear reactions far beyond anything that we can create on Earth.  It’s also unlikely that countries would simply give up their  nuclear resources just like that or have enough in the first place.

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The film features the exploits of the crew of the Icarus II.  Icarus I being a failure they might have thought of a better name.  Icarus flew too close to the sun and ended up falling into the sea.  Will the same fate befall the crew of the Icarus 2?

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