Crocheting is an increasingly popular pastime that allows people to keep their hands busy, use their creativity, and generally alleviate boredom. Once you get going, the possibilities are endless. There are countless different patterns available, but here are just a few of the things you may want to bring to life with your hooks and yarn.

Something cute

If you are making a gift for younger children, an adorable animal is usually a good choice. Depending on the child, they may prefer a friendly monster to a more typical cute creature. These crochets could be the animal itself or they could incorporate it into a hat, bag, cushion, or even a coaster. Just be careful if you look to artificial intelligence for patterns.

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Something cool

Not everyone appreciates cute; for example, some older or more jaded individuals may be looking for something that makes them appear cool. Wall hangings, plant pot holders and stylish clothing are just some of the items that can help to create a distinctive look for yourself and your home.

Something seasonal

You can find crochet kits for specifically Christmas-themed designs, such as reindeer or Santa Claus. In the spring, you may prefer bunnies and eggs for Easter. In the modern world, it may even be possible to find patterns celebrating other religious festivals, such as Eid for Muslims or Diwali for Hindus.

Something useful

Sometimes you crochet just because you enjoy the process and create something fun, but some items can also serve a useful purpose. Blankets, tea cosies, clothing, slippers, keyrings, coasters, rugs and even a cover for your toilet roll can all have a practical role to play in your home along with being fun to craft. Look online to see the latest collection of crochet kits for more ideas.

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Options when you decide to crochet are limited only by your imagination and the patterns you find. From cute to stylish to practical, with changes based on the season and the ability to tailor your gifts to the person receiving them, you can keep your hands busy for years to come.

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