Creating a Walled Garden

If you’ve ever had the fortune to visit a National Trust  or English Heritage property you may have noticed that in some of their states the homes have a walled garden.  These areas are set specifically aside for growing certain species of plant, fruit and vegetables.   They’re usually classed as a kitchen garden.  In other words they are literally an extension of the kitchen itself providing a ready growing larder of herbs, spices  and seasonal vegetables.  Whilst the stately home builders have generally used high stone walls the same  effect can be achieved with standard wooden fencing. A Fencing Gloucester based specialist can provide you with this effective service.

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The walled garden offers protection from frost and cold.  heat is trapped and retained within the boundaries of the ward garden meaning that specific varieties can be grown without succumbing to a  wintery cold snap.  You’ll usually find it’s where  orangeries and greenhouses are usually located.  The temperature will drop but the general ambient  environment within the walled garden may well stay the same enough for the plants to survive.

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Walled gardens are not only used for practical purposes.  There are many examples in the UK,  and the wider world, where the walled garden has played a symbolic and pleasurable purpose  of offering a space for exotic flowers and plant varieties.  This was an attempt by garden designers to create a formal look that was reminiscent of what the Garden of Eden was supposed to be.

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