How the Country got Creative with Garages during Lockdown

Many homes are built with a garage, but how many of us use the garage for our car? Many of us just have a garage full of the junk that we will deal with ‘another day’ – if this sounds about right, and you are getting stir crazy whilst on lockdown, read on and see what your garage could become…

The Bar

So, we are all stuck at home and not even the pub can save us now! But why not create your own pub? A dartboard, and some optics will help set the scene, and what about some extra touches to turn it into a proper British pub. A chalkboard offering specials, and even your own DIY skittle alley (space permitting) for the family skittle tournaments. Then when all this is over, get everyone round to your ‘pub’ for a good old knees up!

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The Hobby Room

If you are wanting to take up a new hobby but need a little more space, then why not convert your garage. Always wanted to learn to play the drums. How about an art studio? You could even create your very own home gym or yoga room for those days you feel a little stressed out. The good thing is, when this crisis is over, you will still have it there to use as your retreat from the world!

The Office

Chances are, you are going to have to be working from home for a little while – so why not create your own office? This will make your home and work life feel a little more separate and is another useful resource that you will have for the future. Any kids who want to do homework could use it too, away from the hustle and bustle of the main house.

Choice and location

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