The main macrame knots to master

Macramé is a kind of textile that is created by the hand-tying of various types of knots. Its origins are disputed, with some historians pointing to carvings of the Babylonians and Assyrians depicting macramé-like decorations while others believe it was used in third-century China.

Whatever the origins, it is widely accepted that the craft was introduced to Europe during the Middle Ages following the Muslim conquest of Spain in 711. Thereafter, it grew in popularity over the next few hundred years.

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By following instructions in a macrame kit from Wool Couture or another craft retailer, you can create stylish cushion covers, table runners, or even a deckchair! You only need to know three simple knot types to start with:

The lark’s head knot

Practice with a pencil and string. Lay the pencil on a flat surface, fold the string in half, and lay the loop on top of the pencil. Fold the loop underneath the pencil. Bring the ends of the string through the loop and tighten to create an anchor for your project.

The square knot

Use four strings, secured by two lark’s head knots.

Step 1: Take the leftmost string (string one) and make a loop on the left. Pass the string over the middle two strings and under the right-most string. Take the rightmost string (string four) and pass it behind the two middle strings and out through the loop created on the left. Pull both until the knot tightens, keeping the middle cords straight.

Step 2: Repeat the process, this time starting with the right-most cord. Pull to tighten, creating a flat, square-shaped knot.

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The spiral twist

Follow step one for the square knot but instead of progressing to step two, repeat step one. Always start with the same string. After three or four knots, the strings naturally start to turn in a spiral.

Why not give macrame a go? Buy a macrame kit from a craft retailer, which includes the materials and instructions, and you could soon be making some unique and beautiful creations.

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