Beyond the basics: unusual spring planted bulbs to add interest to your garden

Are you looking for something unusual and unique for your garden? Spring planted bulbs are always new and fresh to a garden space. They come in different types and brighten the green field in multiple ways with several kinds. If you are looking for something that others don’t have in their garden and yours does, go for these bulbs.

To give a manifesting touch to your garden and make it even more unique, you can also fetch elephant ear bulbs. They are unusual to find but good to keep. These planted bulbs can be easily grown, and they add interest to your garden with unique blooms and vibrant, rich colors. Here is a list of some of the most popular and easily grown bulbs.


Daffodils, popular in the plant world, are easy and reliable spring flowers. They multiply rapidly and bloom every spring, every year. They don’t bother about soil, can grow in full sun or partial shadow, and aren’t troubled by deer, rabbits, or other pesky creatures. Daffodils are generally yellow, but cream, white, orange, and even pink are also available. Plant a variety of daffodils each spring for four to six weeks of beautiful, carefree blooms.


Ranunculus flowers seem too delicious. The sheer petals come in a collection of colors, and her rose-like flowers appear in cream, light yellow, orange, pink, apricot, red, and burgundy. Ranunculus is not commonly found in home gardens but is a popular choice for fine flower stores and bridal bouquets. Ranunculus is a cool-season flower that grows in temperatures between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Bulbs can be planted in containers or in gardens, so you can enjoy beautiful flowers indoors or outdoors.


Tulips live forever! These lively gems should be seeded in the fall to brighten up early spring days.If you live in a cold altitude and can’t wait for flowers to bloom in your garden, tulips are perfect. Most other plants cannot endure cold weather, but tulips need cold weather to thrive. Tulip bulbs, also accepted as modified roots, have their own rules when it comes to growing them. Tulips, unlike new flowers, bloom only when they are ready, not when the days elongate with the arrival of spring.


Exotic bulbs with a pleasant aroma! Hyacinths are clusters of blue, purple, white, and gradient-patterned flowers that are perfect for fall.

Hyacinths bloom in mid-spring, and when the rest wake up, the garden is drenched in bursts of pastel colors. Its scent is so attractive that it is called “natural perfume”. Like most perennial bulbs, they are easy to grow and come back year after year. Hyacinths are also great for potted gardens.

Final Words

Flower bulbs are a prized commodity in the garden, and many of them bloom in the spring when there are few other flowers. A bulb garden with hardy spring bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, crocuses and hyacinths can be surprising to learn that they can be sown in pots to blossom indoors in late winter. Take it to the next level and get ready to enjoy flowers indoors all winter long.

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