7 Beautiful Flooring Ideas for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one room that guests will judge immediately. It’s home to parties, dinners and general mixed company. As a result, kitchen design is always a series of complicated decisions. You want a room that says something about you while still utilizing convenience and plenty of walking space.

Like any room, such choices begin on the ground floor. Your choice of kitchen flooring will dictate the function and durability of the entire room, all the while making a personal statement. Such a popular room will have to endure excellent foot traffic, spills and general damage regularly. Beyond that, the kitchen requires the cook to stand for long periods, demanding a certain comfort level.

If you shop around, it’s not hard to pick up some decent-looking flooring for ten or fifteen dollars per square foot. A decent wood-tiling is often ideal. The look is somewhat old-school, but that’s part of the charm. Keeping a simple design with hardwood floors is often the best idea. Others would prefer to have epoxy flooring kitchen as it makes it easier to maintain. Epoxying your floor would make your life easier.

Here are some interesting kitchen flooring ideas that you can implement:


Depending on your living space, vinyl is often the cheapest, most charming way to go. It gives the entire room or kitchenette a lived-in feel. If that’s the mood you’re looking for, then this inexpensive tiling is right up your alley. Also, these simple-to-install tiles are surprisingly easy to clean, an added bonus.


Hardwood is the most durable, incredibly comfortable form of kitchen flooring. You can choose any colour, but a decent hardwood floor should look like a pirate engraved it. This flooring may be old-fashioned, and it’s not the cheapest option either. However, with care and attention, hardwood flooring can impress just about anyone. Browse collections from Relative Space to find the best hardwood floor design for your home.


For those living on the cheap but wanting to keep things classy, laminate tiling is often the right way to go. However, one must be careful as laminate collects a great deal of moisture. Still, if you want your kitchen to feel like your guests are behind the scenes of a cooking show (minus a vulgar British man yelling at them), then a suitable laminate can fit any kitchen.

Another bonus is that it can be installed within a day while mimicking one of the more expensive options. Glass, stainless steel, you name it, laminate can fake it.


If you’re willing to shell out a little extra, do so with a great ceramic tiling. The tiles themselves are relatively easy to clean, the only downside being that the grout between the tiles must be given special attention. Still, if your kitchen is going to be a gathering place, there’s little ceramic won’t do to impress.

There are some downsides, however. Ceramic must be maintained quite well. Should you happen to drop a dish, glass or mug, then it can spell trouble. Ceramic is a durable material – colourful and fun, but it’s also prone to staining. Beware as well those who live in cold-weather areas, as you might want slippers.


Do you want to give guests that “just like home” feeling, despite not being home or having had a kitchen such as yours in their childhood? Cork is not an inexpensive option, but it’s visually lovely, welcoming and there’s some inescapable gentleness that comes with the price tag. It’s also very easy to install, separating your kitchen from the rest of the home. Cork may not be as durable as ceramic, easily breakable, but if one is cautious, one can make their place feel like Old Joe’s Place.


Should you happen to be more interested in green-friendly design, then linoleum is the way to go. It can mimic things such as stainless steel and other tilings while still looking sleek and stylish.


This is a pretty nifty, intercontinental way to decorate your kitchen. Don’t do it with a wood, do it with a grass! There is both warmth and beauty to be found in this Asian-inspired design. You’ll make guests feel as though they’ve just stepped into the orient as they enter your tiny kitchen or enclave. A bamboo flooring is a great option, especially if you eat and make a lot of sushi.

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