6 Basic Skills Every Home Must Acquire

From pulling nails without denting trim to getting a big paint spill off your carpet, best online casino have got the tips you need.

Spackle a hole or scuff

Nothing mars your man-cave more than the unsightly holes and bumps that result from relocating or removing your wall art. To keep your pad looking good, get in the habit of keeping spackle, a putty knife and paint around. First, clean up any loose bits or anything that sticks out from the hole you want to fix. Spread a bit of spackle over the hole using the putty knife, pressing hard to lay a thin, smooth layer — spackle shrinks, so it’s OK if there’s a little extra over the hole. Let it dry a few hours, and if needed, apply a second layer. Smooth the spackle with a fine-grade sandpaper until it’s flush with the rest of the wall, then paint over the damaged area.

Fix a loose tile

Loose or wobbly tiles are the precursors of broken tiles, making this a minor problem worth getting fixed before it gets major. First, run a preheated iron over the loose tile and surrounding area to loosen its adhesive, then gently lift the tile out. Clean the area underneath with alcohol, then scrape it clean with the putty knife to get all of the old adhesive off. Apply a new coating of tile adhesive to both the gap and to the back of the tile and carefully replace the tile. Use a rolling pin to press the tile into place and get rid of any air bubbles, then wipe clean any excess adhesive on or around the tile. If it’s a floor tile, weigh the tile down with a heavy object, like a stack of books, until the bond sets, courtesy of machine a sous en ligne.

Resetting circuit breaker

Is there a sudden power outage in your home? Do not worry, this is what we say, “the circuit has tripped”. This can be taken care of easily. Just a flashlight would do. Turn off the heavy appliances in your home. Then move to the circuit board of your home that supplies electricity to your home. Look at all the circuit breakers and see the one that has turned off. Flick it to “on” position. Still can’t find the breaker that went off?  Switch all the circuits off one by one and turn them on again.

Cleaning air conditioners

When the air conditioner in your home run for days together, as a practice, clean its mesh or the face of the machinery to clear the dirt that has accumulated. Remove the mesh, use a cleaning brush and brush off the dirt, if need be you could also wash this mesh with water. Do let it dry before you put it back. This will keep the air flow clean and make the air conditioner effective.

Fix a leaky faucet

A leaky faucet can sound like torture in the dead of night. Most leaky faucets are due to failure of the faucet’s seats and springs. This is a quick fix for handy homeowners. Make sure you have an Allen wrench, needle-nose pliers, tongue-and-groove pliers and a screwdriver. Refer to this guide on how to fix a leaky faucet.

Finding a wall stud

A lesser important maintenance skill to know, but it can save you time and money from getting a professional to come out and install a TV mount or put up shelves in your home. Just buy yourself a stud finder from a home improvement store for around $10 to locate the boards behind your wall.  Studs are almost always spaced either 16 or 24 inches apart. Start at a corner, where there’s always a stud. From there, you should hit a stud every 16 inches around your initial stud.

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