12 men’s bedroom decorating ideas that you never see

When we talk about room designs for young men we have to separate the idea of traditional rooms. These men’s bedroom decorating ideas are usually very different from the ones we are used to seeing. We intend to decorate a room with this style, whether for a child, brother or client. It is important to follow some rules of this type of decoration. For this reason, here, we will give you a guide and show models of men’s bedroom designs of these styles of rooms to fill you with inspiration. So, leave aside the idea of a traditional style and opt for a unique and functional design.

Also, we will give you some secrets that we use when decorating spaces that are dedicated to young men. Are we continuing?

Mens bedroom decorating ideas (12 unique ideas)

men's bedroom decorating ideas

The first thing to keep in mind is that the bedrooms that are oriented to this public, must be personalized. They must follow a pattern that the person who will use it feels comfortable. And what better way to do it but with decorative details of their hobbies?

Starting from this idea, we can establish the color; one of the most important parts when it comes to decorating. As we have mentioned in other articles. Before you start choosing furniture, or accessories, it is important to define the color.

What should we take into account when decorating rooms for young men?

Starting from color, the second thing we must take into account is the finish. In general, always look for rough finishes, such as wood or metal. These not only for their durability but also because they usually have the right colors to be able to combine with the room.

As for furniture, it is better to choose those that are solid. In addition to being strong, those who have straight lines and without many forms are also chosen.

The more functional the furniture and the less aesthetic, the better. We must bear in mind that for the person we are designing, it needs practicality and not aesthetics, but that is not why we are going to choose an “ugly” piece of furniture.

Now, we are going to present you the 12 men’s bedroom decorating ideas we have selected here at Decor Ideas. So, you can choose one of these, and you can create the perfect room for young men.

Minimalist decoration

1. Minimalist decoration

This style of decoration goes perfectly with any personality; place the necessary or indispensable furniture. Combine the room with some decorative details in slightly more vibrant colors to achieve a rejuvenated effect.

Solid metal

2. Solid metal

A room or rooms for men decorated with metal furniture and neutral colors are perfect for those who do not spend much time in them; Ideally with this style of decoration and play with the eclecticism of metal and make a warm room.

Bed is the focal point

3. The bed is the focal point

In this style, the bed is the focal point of importance; Keep in mind that rooms will not be used as often, except for sleeping. For this reason, for the bed to become the focal point of the entire room, choose a set of sheets with solid tones; He also opts for patterns, stripes, pictures; besides cushions and comforters.


4. Lighting is also important

A room without lighting is impossible, especially if it is a small space. Try that the curtains are light to allow the entrance of natural light. Choose ceiling lamps instead of table lighting.

Separating the areas

5. Separating the areas

Many times men’s rooms are used as an office or as a training center, but we see ourselves with the problem that we do not have much space to have all the necessary furniture; for that reason, you can choose built-in furniture, which serves as a desk, but also as shelves. Or tables that become chairs. In this way, you can separate the areas, but you will save space.

decorative elements

6. Uses decorative elements to give life

Room design for a young man does not mean that you have to eliminate any decorative element; on the contrary, it is necessary to look for elements that help to give life to space. You can look for a few abstract paintings to decorate.

Earth Tones

7. Earth Tones

Decorating a room with earth colors is perfect if you have an open space; since these tones usually make the rooms look much smaller. If the room is large, we recommend it; but remember not to overload these tones. It is important that you look for contrast colors so you can add harmony to this decoration.

Blue Tone

8. Blue Tone

One of the most used tones in rooms for young men; The blue tones are perfect since you can use and combine several tones without the need to use another color as aggregates. But if you want the room to have a lot more life, combine it with black or white to highlight the design.

Field green

9. Field green

When we think of green colors, we immediately think of nature; that’s why we should be very careful with this style. We do not want the decoration to look delicate but rather rustic. Get away from light green tones, and opt for medium or dark tones; you can combine it with earth tones, from the lightest to the darkest to achieve the look we want.

Leading role

10. Leading role

Most men say they feel comfortable in a room that is decorated with sports motifs; even more, if they are from your favorite teams. Therefore, you must take into consideration what equipment the person who will sleep in this room likes; and make a decoration with this theme. But BE CAREFUL do not overload with decorative elements of this theme. Keep the space clean.

Elegant style

11. Elegant style

Who said that men’s rooms could not be elegant too? The important thing in this style is that we follow the clean and simple lines; Taking into account a neutral color palette and the use of good lighting. You can choose carpets and a solid color bedding to avoid recharging.


12. Vintage

This last year we saw that more and more men continue with the hipster or indie tendency; that’s why this style of decoration would also be perfect for them. Choose light colors and look for furniture that you can restore. The more decorative elements with nature motives you place better. Keep in mind that you can also place a few pictures, either black and white landscape photographs or expressionist paintings.

When choosing a color for this style of decoration, we must choose a masculine but dynamic palette. From neutral colors such as black, gray, white and brown; until warm colors like orange, red; as well as green and blue tones. Keeping this in mind, we can start looking for the rest of the decorative elements.

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