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Why Now is the Time to Declutter
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Although it might feel quite bleak at the moment – doom and gloom on the news, the lockdown and the cold and dark weather -there are signs of better times to come going forward. So, what can you do right now to make sure you are keeping yourself busy and getting ready for the better and warmer months that will soon be here? Have a clear out of course!

Clearing out your home is a great way to help not just with the tidiness of your home, but it will also help you mentally. Being surrounded by clutter that we do not want can have the effect of cluttering up our minds and make us feel that we have too much to think about.

It is a great incentive too to treat ourselves to something once we have de-cluttered – for example, do you really want a new sofa but want to get rid of all the stuff in the living room that you don’t really need? Have a clear out and reward yourself with that new sofa.

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If you have a wardrobe hat is rammed full of clothes that you no longer wear, dedicate a weekend to clearing the wardrobe out and donate the clothes that you don’t want to charity – you can then reward yourself with that Ralph Lauren menswear that you have had your eye on!

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As well as making our homes look better, having a de-clutter is a productive thing to do at a time that we can do little else and can help bring a sense of control back into our lives.

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